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The what, when, where, why, and how of Stock Charts?

Stock Charts are your window into what is going on with a stock's price. You may hear that a stock has gone up in price, but without being able to SEE what that really means, you have no idea whether the stock is a good buy or not. For instance, we all know that stocks move up and down in price. 

Unless you study a stock chart, you will not be able to determine if that stock has been running so fast that professionals are ready to take profits which can cause the stock to fall in price due to their huge order flow.

When you understand the what, when, why, and how to stock chart analysis, you will become a better stock trader, or investor. You will be able to choose stocks that are going to perform well for your trading or investing goals. A stock chart contains vital information in a relatively simple form. All of the data expressed on a chart comes from the ticker tape. 

Every transaction no matter how large or how small is recorded and sent to the National Clearing House. From there data feed companies such as Reuters or BATS, deliver that data to charting software companies who provide you with the actual “stock chart”.

What is different about us?

What is different about us?

First and foremost we teach you how not to lose money in the stock market.

Our stock trading courses are taught by educators with real trading experience.

We have over 70 years of educational experience teaching adult students.

Our students have the highest satisfaction and success rate with over 12 years of training.

We custom tailor each training program to fit each individual student